• A music connoisseur, with a powerful list of credentials

  • Nana started the DJ aspect of his career at age 14.

  • By the end of high school, Nana would add Public Speaking, Event Coordination and Beat making to his growing list of competencies.

  • Since, Nana has performed throughout North America, Europe, Asia and South Africa.

  • As a Music Producer and Independent Label owner,

  • DJ Nana has secured music placements, received awards, guest appearances and made several television appearances.

Upcoming Gigs

November dates👇🏿

Wed 1 - biweekly ting @  416Snackbar
Mon 13 - RAP SHEETS Hip Hop and R&B Trivia @ The Theatre Centre Café/Bar
Wed 15 - biweekly ting 416Snackbar
Wed 29 - biweekly ting @  416Snackbar